Painting Pebble Dashing Walls

Pebble Dash is a decorative exterior masonry coating applied to a wall using a wet mortar with pebbles (or spar) cast onto it. Traditionally, the mortar used in pebbledash was Lime based, but in more recent times cement is the main mortar used. Since the 1990’s a polymer-cement mortar has been available offering a wide range of colours for the mortar layer. Each different product has its own attributes giving advantages and disadvantages.
Nowadays, Pebble Dash is actually what is called Spar Dash. It is very similar to Pebble Dash, in fact it is applied in exactly the same way.


Depending on where abouts in the country you are, buildings tended to have different aggregate depending on what was available. For instance if you were near the coast, you would often get more smoother, more rounded aggregates that had been quarried from the sea. Whereas areas such as where flint is the predominant stone the aggregate would tend to be sharper, due to the way that flint splits.

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