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Step1. Setup Rooms and areas to be painted


  • Large furniture is moved into the centre of the room pre painting

  • Wall and ceiling fixtures are removed where needed before painting

  • Furniture is covered with plastic before painting

  • Floors are covered with drop cloths or brown painting paper


Step 2. Prep· Walls are sanded where needed


  • Holes and cracks in walls are filled pre painting

  • Gaps in trim are caulked for finish painting

  • Stains, such as water marks are sealed pre finish painting

  • Washing is done where required before final painting


Step 3. Painting


· Repaired areas are primed,before finishpainting

· Painters is applied with a brush, roller or sprayer

· Ceiling and walls are painted to proper coverage and finish colour

· Clean cut lines between trim & walls upon final painting

· Only premium quality paints are used for our painting service


Step 4. Clean-Up


  • Furniture is moved back to original position after painting

  • Wall and ceiling fixtures are replaced after painting

  • Floors and carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and swept

  • Touch-up paint is labelled and left with the customer


Step 5. Inspection


· Final touch-ups are noted on a 'snag list' & are done before the crew leaves 

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