Georgian Period House Restoration & Painting

We are a company that cares about our wonderful Dublin Georgian Heritage. We pride our selves as a unique decorating company as all of our fully timed served painters and decorators hold skills that most other decorators no longer require in there line of work. We have a very experienced dedicated team that are in tune with listed and heritage buildings from all styles from Georgian (1714- 1837) Victorian (1837-1901) Edwardian (1901-1939) right up to modern styles of today.


Our decorators have a vast experience in interior and exterior redecoration and we understand the specialist requirements demanded by such properties, such as the painting of lime plasters, maintaining the breathability of the structure and the use of traditional colours and materials etc. We also undertake hand painting of new and bespoke kitchens.

Videos of restoration ,plastering flush filling priming and painting of georgian rooms dublin.The first video is the complete  project from start to finish and is 7 mins long. The other videos break the project down into sections

Repairs Resoration Exterior Moulding Georgian

Covering up grainte window sills before painting

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