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Rot Restoration & Painting


The rot attacks timber in damp conditions and if allowed to go unchecked or without wet rot treatment, can be a common cause of structural defects within a property.


The moisture together with the presence of wood can allow wet rot spores to germinate and grow that will eventually lead to the timber losing its strength. 


Typical Indications include:

  • A damp musty smell

  • Cracking and softening of timber

  • You may notice some fungal growth



How to Fix Timber Rot:


You have to fix the source of the water ingress to ensure that the wet rot does not re-appear. 


Apply a fungicidal treatment to the timber and surrounding area where necessary

we used Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Harder to firm all areas to allow us to start to repair.


We filled all voids with Ronseal 2 pack wood expoxy filler .


Filling, Flush Filling & Sanding


The production of a high class piece of

work is a process that involves good

quality preparation, filling undercoating etc,

and the final step in this is the

skilled application of gloss paint in order

to bring the work to an attractive



Wwhich is not alone aesthetically attractive but is functional and durable

thereby offering maximum protection to the substrate.

Finish Painting 


Rubbing down with worn abrasives or sanding pads between coats is essential

for good adhesion and grit free finish


Good finishing is achieved when the correct film thickness is applied, the paint

brushed on evenly crossed and laid off with care.


Good quality tools and

materials are essential as inferior ones ca

n undo all the good preparation.

Complete Video

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