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Commercial Office Painting  Nutgrove Business Park  Rathfarnham Dublin

Methodology and Materials used on Interior painting of Office at the above address.

Painting of all 3 offices and open space on the Second Floor as follows.


• Covering of all areas with plastic and paint sheets, covering all computers decks, chairs etc.

•  Sanding priming, undercoating and finish satin min. of two coats of all timber work.

•  Painting of all doors: Sanding, tinted priming, tinted     undercoats  and finish coats

•  Painting of all other wall in all offices and open spaces,

•  Tidying up of all areas to leave same as fouund.

•  Work took place over a single weekend, September 30, October 1 & 2nd.

•  Office was returned to client finished ready for work on Monday morning for over 50 people to start work at 9am as agreed.

South Dublin Painting office painting can enhance your commercial space and provide a fresh, inviting atmosphere to all visitors and employees.


Office painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your building's value. When you repaint your South Dublin Painting office, you will help to improve the value the property as well as enjoyment.


For a quality South Dublin Painting office painting job, business owners rely on the professional painters at  South Dublin Painting. In order to achieve a successful office paint job, specialized painting skills and techniques are required.


Our highly trained South Dublin Painting office painting contractors will work within time restraints in order to enhance your South Dublin Painting office with a quality paint job.


We prioritise keeping existing painting customers happy over chasing new ones. To ensure your total satisfaction, our office;s painting and decorating team will always be available to complete post-project painting snagging lists as paints dry and woodwork settles.


We aim to deliver the perfect painting finish and leave you with total satisfaction, that’s why most of our work comes from referrals. We will always complete any snagging list by the date agreed.



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