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Staining Rationel Doors & Windows

Rationel Base Stain

Aquaprimer base stains enhance the natural colour and grain of wood in preparation for application of Aquatop and Aquacoat translucent topcoats.


Aquaprimer opaque primer seals and protects the timber prior to the application of Aquatop and Aquacoat opaque topcoats.


  • Aquaprimer 2900 water based base stain

  • Suitable for softwoods and hardwoods

  • Range of natural wood shades

  • Penetrates and protects wood surface

  • Apply by brush, roller or dip, wiping off excess stain with a clean rag for an even finish

  • Dries in 2 hours at room temperatures


AQUAPRIMER is a translucent water borne industrial primer for new wood designated for exterior use such as windows and doors.


AQUAPRIMER can be applied by flow coat or dipping. AQUAPRIMER will typically be applied on softwood or hardwood, which for non-durable hardwood and softwood has been pretreated with a Wood Preservative. Exterior durability of coating systems including AQUAPRIMER is typically documented according to EN 927-2.


AQUAPRIMER is available as colourless or translucent factory tinted shades, or can be supplied as bases for on-site tinting. AQUAPRIMER is a highly versatile, robust and easy to use softwood and hardwood primer, which typically is used for exterior windows, doors, shutters, conservatories or claddings.


Available Products:

Base stain available for use under Light Pine stain

Base stain available for use under Dark Pine stain

Base stain available for use under Golden Oak stain

Rationel Stain Colours.JPG
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