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Painting  Rationel Windows & Doors

Rationel Paint Finish

AQUATOP 2600-23, a water borne industrial topcoat for wood designated for exterior use such as windows and doors.

AQUATOP 2600-23 can be applied by all conventional spraying systems - both hand spraying and automated and robot spraying system such as: Airless, Airmix, Disc and High Rotation Bells. AQUATOP 2600-23 will typically be applied on pre-treated substrates such as softwood, hardwood, Accoya, modified wood, HDF and MDF. Exterior durability of coating systems including AQUATOP 2600 is typically documented according to EN 927-2.

AQUATOP 2600-23 is available in opaque colour shades, and can be supplied as bases for on-site tinting or as factory tinted products. AQUATOP 2600-23 is a highly versatile, robust and easy to use topcoat, which typically is used for exterior windows, doors, shutters, conservatories or claddings

Rationel Ral Colour Chart

rationel ral colours.JPG
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