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Dublin Sash Windows Repairs, Restoration, Refurbishment, Replacement & Painting

South Dublin Painting & Restoration offer a full sash window restoration and refurbishment service. We conduct a free full inspection of your sash windows. While it is extremely rare that sash window repair is not economically viable, we also offer a full new sash window replacement service.

Our sympathetic sash window restoration and painting service is a great way of preserving the look and charm of your period home  and maintaining authenticity and character. Our Beautifully decorated, repaired and repainted Dublin sash windows will allow you to enjoy fully functioning. Our services will be an investment not only in terms of  your current comfort but also in terms of the long term value of your home.

Our Sash Repairs & Painting

  • Sash window sill replacement

  • Sash splicing

  • Sash rail splice repair

  • Sash replacement

  • Overhauling and new sash ropes

  • Conservation sash window repairs

  • Dormer sash window repair

  • Minor sash window repair

Minor sash window repair

Resin repairs – epoxy resin is a relatively old product, that’s become popular for sash window repairs in the last fifteen years or so. Initially London Sash Window Repairs Ltd were not advocates of the use of resin. It seemed the use of resin was to take away from skilled splicing and master craftsmen sash window repairs that you can find on this page. When resin companies updated their correct use guides to incorporate timber splice with resin as a secure bond we were quick to take up the product as the bond between timber is the most important part of a lasting repair. If the resin creates a bond that won’t break, or crack, water will not penetrate. Resin companies suggest the bond between timber and resin is stronger than the timber itself. The example they provide to back this up is pretty acceptable, which I’ve included below. They use a slender piece of timber which is always going to be brittle, however it certainly proves that resin will take the full force of a hammer blow which considerably more force that any weathering conditions likely faced.

Resin really becomes effective for sash window repairs when extremely ornate profile replication is required. Timber replication of such profiles are time consuming and costly, resin reduces the overall amount of work, and allows for completion in a timely manner onsite. the resin is completely workable and sands to smooth and accurate finishes well. The normal procedure after resin repairs is to prime, undercoat, and gloss.


Sash Window Rail Splice Repair

Bottom, top, and meeting rail replacement can be carried out when a sash is rotten, however the remainder of the sash is in good condition. This is an effective repair that saves considerably on entire replacement of the sash.

Pictured is a sash window that requires a new lower rail, glazing bar, and two new panes of glass.


It is still economically viable to splice repair as the amount of glazing bar in this sash attracts a premium replacement cost. To give you an example we repaired this sash for £160 when the replacement cost was £280.


If you’ve got many sash windows in vary states of disrepair then you can save a significant amount of money making good rather than entirely replacing. In this example we will remove the lower rail first, and then take out the glazing bar all the way to the joint. This is the first effective point to bond the glazing bar making it structurally good.

Sash Window Replacement

If the sash is beyond economical sash window repair then the next best hing is replacement of the specific sash that is rotten. We can supply the sash window in soft or hardwood as well as stained, primed, undercoat, and glossed finished. Normally we use Douglas Fir for our sash window replacements as it is a nice quality softwood timber that lasts well in Dublin, Irish weather

New Sash Ropes

When sash cords snap or weights fall off it can be inconvenient closing your sash window especially if the top sash is the issue. Overhauling and replacing sash cords is a relatively simple job, and as a quick fix to secure your home, you might consider screwing the top sash shut – it also prevents any issue of the sash slamming and breaking, sending large shards of glass everywhere.

Listed Building & Conservation Sash Repairs

If you're in a conservation area, or your property is listed and

planning are insisting on sash window repair then please do

contact us. We are specialists in the effective repair of listed

building sash windows. Our sympathetic and time-proven repair

methods will ensure your sash windows are in good health

for years to come. We can repair any sash window. If you need

a repair, we can do it. On occasion, a repair can actually

nearly match replacement in price(if the repairs are that



In this situation it’s likely planning will grant replacement like for

like and we will be able to help with this as well, however, it’s the

last resort and extremely unlikely to be required. Sash windows

that are listed can have a draught-proofing system installed as this

is hidden and rebated within the sash.

As always with a listed building, you must let the planning know as

a courtesy, you don’t want to be caught out by them.

Here’s an example of our sash window repair service for listed

building and conservation properties in South Dublin

Dormer Sash Window Repair

Dormer sash windows take a real beating. They are completely exposed to all weather and will be the first windows to suffer from rot and water penetration in your home. You’ll notice wet patches under the sills, causing damage to plaster first. Despite being protected by lead flashing, moisture still finds a way into the sill sections so now it’s advised to have the sill exposed and accept that every summer you need spare an hour to sand the sill and lay a coat of gloss to protect again. It’s an unavoidable uphill battle, decoration needs to be carried out as frequently as every three years as well as the windows almost always being of awkward height in attempt to allow as much light in as possible, and in this situation I do empathise with those that wish to replace with UPVC while I still strongly advocate against it.

Normally there is a cost of scaffolding or a Cherry Picker to access the window which isn’t cheap. London Sash Window Repairs Ltd have a solution to decorate your sash window externally without the costly requirement of another service. We will take the sashes out, and decorate them out of situ, we also double down on paint with two undercoats, it’s worth the extra effort in an attempt to get an extra year or two from requiring the service again. Once we are finished your dormer sash window will be structurally good and well maintained. As previously mentioned though, it’s really worth the hour every summer with a coat of paint on the sill and the lower rail of the bottom sash. These areas will be the first to go and it will extend the effective period of decoration considerably.

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