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Sash windows, sash boxes, and shutters were important architectural features in Georgian Dublin. During the 18th century, sash windows in Dublin were remarkably uniform in design. Wooden window shutters and mouldings were among the principal decorative elements in Georgian homes, particularly in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Sash windows, which consist of movable panels that slide vertically to open, were a popular choice for Georgian buildings. The design of sash windows varied across different parts of Ireland, but Dublin had a distinct and consistent style during the 18th century.


Sash boxes, the frames that house the sash weights and allow the window to slide smoothly, were an integral part of sash window construction. These boxes were often elaborately decorated, contributing to the overall aesthetic of Georgian interiors. Wooden shutters were another common feature of Georgian windows in Dublin. Shutters provided insulation, security, and privacy, and were frequently used in conjunction with sash windows.


The shutters and their surrounding mouldings were important decorative elements, showcasing the craftsmanship and style of the period. The conservation of historic sash windows, boxes, and shutters is crucial for preserving the architectural heritage of Georgian Dublin. Companies like Maclyn Ltd., founded in 1993, specialize in the restoration of period joinery, ensuring that these important features are maintained for future generations

Our Sash Window Restoration  Methodology

Sash window restoration is a process that involves repairing and refurbishing old or damaged windows to bring them back to their original. The methodology for sash window restoration typically involves removing the window from its frame, repairing any damaged or rotten wood, replacing broken glass, and repainting or staining the window to match its original appearance. With proper restoration techniques, sash windows can be restored to their former glory and provide many more years of use.

Sash windows, surrounding moulded boxes, and interior shutters are an integral part of Georgian Dublin's architectural heritage. Restoring and painting these features can breathe new life into a historic building, while also preserving its character and charm. With attention to detail and a skilled hand, these elements can be transformed into stunning focal points that enhance the beauty and elegance of any space. Please contact us M; 0870905303, or

Sash Windows and Boxes Restoration

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