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Painting a Stained Staircase

Painting a stained staircase by South Dublin Painting , Rathfarnham

Step 1, Thoroughly wash the surface with mineral spirits and a cloth.

Step 2, Fill any spaces or nail openings with wood filler, taking after the guidelines for the specific wood filler that you picked.

Step 3, Lightly sand the surface with a fine review sandpaper until all the polished surface of the varnish has been expelled from the surface.

Step 4, Hoover the zone and clean the dust from the sanding on the regions to be painted with a tackcloth.

Step 5, Prime the surface with oil-based Zinsser preliminary.

Step 6, Wait for the preliminary to dry totally.

Step 7 Apply 2 layers of dulux exchange undercoat.

Step 8, Apply 1 to 2 layers of dulux exchange sparkle or stainwood .

Supplies required :

Polyacrylic Top Coat, General Finishes Brand (we at South Dublin Painting utilized a water based top coat so that it would dry speedier and was less rank. we likewise picked a silk complete… so it wasn't excessively lustrous.)

  • wipe brush (for applying stain and top coat)

  • delicate materials (for wiping off overabundance stain)

  • elastic gloves (the stain will recolor your skin and doesn't fall off with cleanser and water. since it's oil based, you'll require an acetone to uproot this… so USE GLOVES!)

  • Groundwork Paint (in case you're painting axles, a layer of preliminary seals everything and give yourself a pleasant base coat before including your tinted paint)

  • Semi-Gloss Paint (in case you're painting axles. on the off chance that yours are now white, then you needn't bother with this. also, in the event that you're pondering, I painted mine with Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore yet shading coordinated at Home Depot, much the same as all the trim/entryways/baseboards in my home)

  • Paint brush (in case you're painting axles)

  • Face veil (the stain is solid and since we recolored our own in the winter and couldn't leave the entryways/windows open, we purchased a respirator cover for about $25

  • Painters tape (for taping around edges that touch the divider, floor, and/or ax

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